13 Days of The Monster

To start, yes  there are 31 days in July but I am moving this month and one of those days is my birthday, and the only Monster that gets priority on that day is me.
There will be a new article posted each day, as best as I can during July 2017, providing various trivia and historical info on the history of our beloved Monster.
Lets get started shall we …….

Day One: “What’s In A Name?”

Day Two: “Birth of A Legend”

Day Three: “Birth of A Franchise”

Day Four: “From Stage to Celluloid”

Day Five: “The Age of Universal Studios”

Day Six: “Mini Bio of Karloff”

Day Seven: “Universal’s Monsters”

Day Eight: “Hammer Studios UK”

Day Nine: “Enter Lee & Cushing”

Day Ten: “The Star Wars Connection”

Day Eleven: “Let’s Swap Soul”

Day Twelve: “The Monster in Comics”

Day Thirteen: “The Monster Japanese Style”